About Us

UK Lithuanian Youth Association (UKLYA) unites young Lithuanians across the United Kingdom. Since the establishment on 6th of October 1979, the key mission of the association has been to connect compatriots, organize and promote cultural  and social events to help maintain strong ties with Lithuania and to support successful integration in the UK. 

UKLYA is an official branch of Lithuanian World Youth Association, Inc with which we cooperate and organise cultural and social events with numerous youth and student societies from both within and outside of the UK.

Our projects and initiatives

Cooperation with student societies across the UK

One of the main goals of UKLYA is to support the effective organisation of Lithuanian student societies in the UK, develop their organisational and leadership capabilities as well as to promote their collaboration. We organise an annual meeting of student communities in „JK Mišrainė“, which allows the societies to socialise and develop their skills and network. We also run and promote various other joint initiatives –  virtual pub quizzes for teams across the UK, cooperation of student communities to encourage Lithuanians living abroad to register to vote and other cultural and social activities.

Podcast “Pokalbiai iš Salos”

We have created the official UKLYA podcast „Pokalbiai iš Salos“, where we interview active Lithuanians living in the United Kingdom! We are also very pleased with another successful initiative – we organised a series of conversations “Get to know a candidate”, where we helped foreign Lithuanians get acquainted with nine candidates for the Lithuanian Parliament in the World Lithuanian single-member constituency.

Series of informal conversations – „Coffee club”

During the remote nature of social interaction in unsettling Covid times, the idea of uniting Lithuanians from different parts of the world was born – this is how the Coffee Club came into being, where Lithuanians living abroad discuss, share their ideas with other compatriots as well as hear and practice the Lithuanian language! We are glad that we have involved Lithuanian youth unions from Argentina, Canada and the USA in the organization of this initiative!

Pub quizzes

Every Tuesday night in London, and now – the rest of the UK, we encourage Lithuanians come together with their friends and take part in „Auksinis Protas“ quizzes. Also, we dedicated one summer weekend for a noble cause – together with the New York Lithuanian Professionals club we organised a „Transatlantic battle“ fundraiser quiz, where we donated the proceeds to the Lithuanian charity ,,Sidabrinė Linija”.

Interview series „UKLYA - Conversation with an expert“

Another idea that was successfully implemented in 2020 was „UKLYA – Conversation with an expert“, where we had interviewed famous Lithuanians about the issues of most concern at the time, and broadcast it to our community in Facebook. We have already hosted many famous Lithuanians such as Andrius Tapinas, Arnoldas Pranckevicius, Saulius Jurkevicius and others!


Annual congress „Šiaurės Sriuba“

We are pleased to cooperate with Lithuanian Youth Unions in Northern Europe – this year we contributed to the virtual congress of these communities “Šiaurės Sriuba‘20” by organizing the debates for candidates to the Lithuanian Parliament and actively engaged in other activities.